New Wave Requiem

A Hunting We Shall Go

I have found out firsthand the power of even the lowliest of our kind in large numbers. A few of the Carthian…spawns…were attempting to track me to my haven. Apparently, they like the smell of Lordly blood. They nearly managed to destroy Kat, for which I would not shed too large of a tear, but Rai and myself put the 3 of them down. We were going to interrogate one of them, when a more pressing engagement came to our attention: the death of our fellow Vassal, Steve.

Something is hunting vampires, be it ghosts, fellow Damned, or those pesky hunters. It worries me that something could be preying upon us, but I am not sorry to see Steve go. He was a vice-ridden pleasure seeker with loose morals. The kind of decadent Damned that waste their Requiem playing to mortal pleasures instead of doing the work of Longinus.

Perhaps it is time to expand our dominion. I would not mind stepping up to being a Vassal, or expanding our claimed territory. Then again, such frivolous concerns for mortal desires tends to get one destroyed in this city. I hope to see the day when this house of cards built by the arrogance of the First Estate erupts into flames of damnation and retribution.


shawngaston kenkewl00

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