New Wave Requiem

Devils in White Coats

So, the Ordo Dracul was behind all sorts of monstrosities that befell the city. They kept a drauger chained up, and “observed” him in this bestial state for 30 years before idly tossing him into Dorian’s domain. They have been dealt with…and Raphael Pope was sacrificed on the alter of expediency. 2 threats removed. Not a bad way to cap the events.

Kat is now a hound…and an Acolyte of the Crone. I cannot say it surprises me; the “freedom” espoused by the Pagans would appeal to her sensibilities. Vitale is now the sole Vassal for Hell’s Kitchen, free to make whatever horrid arrangements or dealings he feels necessary. I fear for the safety of that domain.

Myself, on the other hand, have inherited Vassalage of Chelsea. I have fulfilled my obligations to former Coterie members: Jimmy has been…altered…and send to California. Evalysse and Vincent Cole Jr I have embraced. The former tenants of Chelsea have left, and I wanted to ensure my dominion of the area was not challenged…and could be molded to fit my ideal.

As I sit in the Limelight, watching the herd mingle and indulge in absent minded pleasures, I frequently wonder what is in store for the future. Will the Carthians rise up against the Invictus? Will the Sangiovanni attempt to betray the Lance? Will Salvaro be replaced as Regent? All these things clutter my mind, but as the pretty young woman that catches my eye mingles throughout the club, the potential for sweet, sweet Vitae tempts me more. Sometimes the best course of action is to focus on the future 10 minutes from now, instead of 10 years from now. For now…unlife is good.


shawngaston kenkewl00

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