New Wave Requiem

I fought the law

Katherine Wick

Looks like my pet decided to open its big mouth about the gang activity in Hell’s kitchen in exchange for protection. I’m not surprised, its been wearing on him lately. He left a note saying he didn’t want to hurt me; I don’t know if that’s sincerity or fear talking. Either way, I didn’t do my job and the leash got a little too loose. The little fucker didn’t take into consideration the shit storm he brought down on all of us. Now I have cops and feds crawling around his sisters apartment in expectation of reprisal, and I have to find a new place to sleep. Not to mention the “police brutality” I exacted in order to find all this shit out. I’m not happy, not happy at all.
My options are to lay low, and hope that the Kitchen vice has enough or my blood in him to help me clean this up and stay hidden, or fake my own death if the feds want to come after me when the Westies start cutting deals for less jail time.


shawngaston victim8u

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