New Wave Requiem

Operational Assessment #10: ...Lest You Become A Beast

Rai Sarosh

I am beginning to question my choice of allegiances. With The Agency, there was purpose to our actions. For the most part, operatives worked under rules of engagement and the harm caused was an unfortunate part of the job. Some operatives enjoyed inflicting the pain of interrogations or the act of killing, but they were usually the sort of problem that took care of themselves by losing precision. When we killed, there was some strategic purpose to it or something the target had done to warrant it. Bad men meeting bad ends, our bullets or blades bringing a close to a vicious wasted life and the threat that these men posed. Bombers, financiers, torturers. Some relation to the incivility that ran rampant in our areas of operation. This target was barely more than a child. Frightening in her… talents, but still a child. Obviously not much of a threat, she failed to injure anyone before killing herself. That was a costly bullet for me. Salvaro had mentioned earlier in the trip that he was going to need a new vassal to run the Limelight. My proposal to him earlier in the week met with delay, saying we’d discuss it over the trip. I have a sneaking suspicion that the proposal will meet with indifference at best. These creatures are beasts, inflicting pain with no regard for the kind of effect it has. Callous and cruel. I’ve been disturbed by the nature of my coterie members, and how inhuman they are becoming… it seems that the organization I’ve sworn allegiance to is providing the model for their behavior. I can’t abide this, I refuse to become so inhuman and purposeless. It looks like I may have to pursue my list of targets with little help, and as I do I’ll have to sit idly by while the my peers descend into madness.


shawngaston Salem

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