New Wave Requiem

Separation anxiety

Katherine Wick

Losing my cool is easy, its no surprise to me, I’ve always had a temper. What always gets me is this thing inside of me that goes from puppet to puppeteer in the blink of an eye. One moment its the lion, the next its the gazelle. My little run in with the vampire worms makes me realize that I have to keep my head instead of letting the beast bubble up to the surface each time I get pissed. It almost cost me my life last time.

The worms need to die along with their master. He sent them in to sniff around the neighborhood, likely looking for me after I found him at the abandoned YMCA. If this asshole wants a fight he’s going to get one. And next time he and his pets are going to be more than surprised.

The other don’t know about my new gift, and I’m going to keep it that way as long as possible. Something in me has changed after the indoctrination ceremony into the arms of the Crone. The Priestess tells me that my liturgy alone is sign of my growth, I have taken what I fear most and let it consume so I can be reborn. It’s no surprise its changed me in more ways than one, I can now transform by body into my fears like many other beasts can do, though I’ve only seen one other monster transform into many. I think that the flock that consumed me from the inside out left a piece of itself within and now I can break myself into pieces. It’s a blessing and curse at the same time, many mouths to feed with makes quick work of my prey, but my mind can barely handle it. I feel less and less like myself everyday.


shawngaston victim8u

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