New Wave Requiem

Verdun, Part II

I thought I left the hell of a battlefield behind me in my mortal days. I was far, far wrong. The mindless beast of a Carthian tipped his hand and showed himself tonight, and the damage wrought was…great and terrible.

We assaulted his base of operations, and it minded me of hell. Endless waves of annoying birds, resolve shattering dread, and deathly surprises at every corner…including the weaker willed and weaker blooded members of my coterie temporarily turning on each other and Kat almost ashing Rai!

That was not the worst of it though. Apparently, a robed figure that I can only assume to be Juan’s demented sire captured and attempted to kill Vitale…and damn near succeeded. Juan showed his monstrous allegiance, and attacked Kat, who was swiping at the mysterious vampire. After causing their retreat, I ran across the way to the other fight…where Rabies and his coterie, along with the Sheriff and a few deputies were engaging the naked larvae leader. I arrived just in time to see Rai get ashed by the feral beast. I promptly put a bullet into him, dropping him torpid, but the damage was done.

From this debacle, Rai has died, Steve was killed, Juan turned traitor, the Hounds are dead, and both Salvaro and Dorian politically weakened. This is not what I call a good day. And now, the fallout happens…and I have some debts to the dead and departed to repay.


shawngaston kenkewl00

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