Prince Malcolm Renwick

The Young Prince


Prince Renwick has ruled over New York since the fall of 1977. Despite the fact he is barely an Ancillae, he (so far) has the support and respect of Kindred several centuries his senior.

Renwick does not hold court, instead keeping office hours. He is available, by appointment only, every Monday through Thursday. Summer hours are from 10 pm to Midnight. The Prince has a policy of seeing all petitioners, but appointments are frequently scheduled for months in advance.

Clan: Ventrue Covenant: Invictus Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Pride Embrace: 1936


Prince Renwick is in over his head. A relatively young vampire, Prince Renwick now finds himself in authority over (and beholden to) Kindred several centuries his senior.

The east coast Ventrue had watched over the Renwick family for centuries, carefully helping the family gain wealth and influence in exchange for favors and promising new recruits. Malcolm was Embraced in 1936, at the age of 27. He quickly proved loyal to the Invictus, a rising young star who was well liked for his personable nature and good looks, and respected for the fair but merciless way he engaged in the Danse Macabre.

New York fell in to chaos when Prince Alistair Tremaine was assassinated in 1977. The battle to become Prince began immediately, and threatened to escalate in to all out war until the Primogen rallied around the dark horse candidate, Malcolm Renwick. Malcolm himself didn’t truly believe he’d become the new Prince of New York. The other candidates were much older and more powerful than he was, and Malcolm merely hoped to increase his own territory and visibility in the city with his bid, and perhaps take down some of his enemies a few notches.

Now Prince Renwick finds himself in the unenviable position of figurehead. The Primogen expect him to politely act out their wishes, and the stress of trying to rule over a city as large as New York while at the same time bowing to the true powers behind the throne are beginning to wear on the young Prince. Time will tell if his elders will manage to crush his will and turn him in to a proper puppet, or if he will burn out and attempt to tear down the very elders who gave him his power.

Prince Malcolm Renwick

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