Den Mother


Holly runs the East Red Hook Shelter, a communal haven in Brooklyn for unaligned Kindred, confused newly Embraced whelps, and Kindred just arriving in New York from out of town.

Clan: Gangrel Covenant: Unaligned Virtue: Charity Vice: Lust Embrace: 1972


In 1971, nineteen year old Harold Raimes packed up all of his belongings and caught a bus from Florida to New York. Arriving in the city, he settled in to Brooklyn started a new life as Holly Rayne. Quickly running out of money thanks to a junkie roommate and a lack of employment, Holly turned to prostitution and small time drug dealing. She eventually settled in to an unexpected but relatively stable life of back alley deals and oral sex.

Holly’s sire was a young and not particularly bright Gangrel. He first met her while looking for an easy meal. He became infatuated, returning for the next several months to feed from her, completely unaware that she was a he. When he discovered the truth, he lost himself in his rage and killed her. Emerging from his Frenzy, he Embraced her out of remorse. He fled the scene, leaving only an address pointing Holly to Elysium. She never saw him again.

Today, Holly is something of a den mother for young and unaligned Kindred. She runs a shelter, a communal haven for young and underinformed Kindred who are in need of a place to sleep and instructions on unlife.


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