Vassal Steve Renfroe



Steve is one of the owners of the Limelight, New York’s newest and hippest night club that caters to the living dead. Steve’s an attractive man, Embraced in his late 20s. He has slightly shaggy hair and dresses in the latest fashions. He favors a slightly loose Yuppie style, but dresses to suit the occasion. Steve can be incredibly decadent, but he’s fond of sharing the party with anyone he considers his friend. He’s right at home in the decade of conspicuous consumption.

Steve is the Regent of Chelsea, under Salvaro. He keeps his neighborhood fairly lightly populated, so as to invite other Kindred to his new nightclub. Steve is friendly with the Invictus, but has refused to join, claiming he wants to be welcoming to all Kindred.

Clan: Daeva Covenant: Invictus Virtue: Charity Vice: Gluttony Embrace: 1974


Vassal Steve Renfroe

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