Johnathan Moretti

The Old Bat


Jonathan is a tall, thin man who appears to be in his late 70s. He has slightly long black hair that he combs back. He wears fine, if somewhat out of date, suits and has a slight Germanic accent.

Jonathan is an elder of the Moretti bloodline, cursed to slowly age the longer he spends out of torpor. He’s one of the more influential Daeva in New York, having spent the last two centuries in the city. His torpid sire lies somewhere in New York, an ancient Daeva named Marissa.

Jonathan is something of a scandal right now. His story was fictionalized as the novel The Hunger, which was recently turned in to a major motion picture starring David Bowie. Younger Kindred have taken to calling him “Ziggy” or “The Thin White Duke” behind his back.

Jonathan’s childer include Ayesha and Felix.

Clan: *Daeva (Ezrebet) *Covenant: *Invictus *Virtue: Fortitude *Vice: *Pride *Embraced: *Unknown, prior to 1800


Johnathan Moretti

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