New Wave Requiem


Now we know what killed the previous Vassals, and given what it was, we will likely never know what prompted it to kill them, and we’re largely helpless if it decides to come for us. So, we’re little more secure than had we just shrugged our shoulders and said “whatever, free turf is free turf.”

Our mysterious killer turns out to be a Strix, some ancient vampire-like entity whose bloodline dates back to Rome, and the reason Rome eventually had no Damned, and many ashes. It seems to have little need for a physical form, but is thought to manifest as an owl when it’s not possessing Damned, Drinkers or Kine. The one useful fact we learned is that the victim’s eyes take on the appearance of owl eyes while possessed, so that’s something to look for. But how useful is it for a field mouse to know be able to identify an owl? Once it sees one, it’s far too late. Yet another reason I need to learn how to disappear.

On the optimistic side, the investigation was an opportunity for me to showcase my talents and prove my usefulness to my fellow Vassals. Not that I have much of a reason not to trust them, but we are what we are. As it stands, I don’t bring much to a fight. They are four more very good reasons I need to shift my focus away from the Hidden Arts and toward actual hiding.

But all things considered, we’re in a pretty good situation. We Vassals get along well enough, and we’ve proven our ability to overcome challenges as a group. We’ve had some minor incidents of toe-stepping with out private activities, but nothing we couldn’t talk through and resolve peaceably. So, as long as the Strix doesn’t decide to ash us all, we should have a prosperous future.

Dr. Vitale

Operational Assessment #3: Emerging Threats

There is more activity going on within our operational area than my initial assessment indicated. We have been following leads on the elimination of the previous Operators within our OA. Current indications are inconclusive. There is the potential that the target of the investigation is an Operator with abilities uncommon to our kind. There is also the disturbing possibility that it is not. Operating during the day, through multiple vessels and despite the destruction of a number of these vessels, is a point of concern. We are seeking additional information in regard to the abilities and historical references. The doctor was able to find one or two mentions of precedents, potentially related, at two points in history. An emerging threat that the rest of the Unit is underestimating, except D, is a pack of highly intelligent enhanced cats. These entities, functioning collectively, are as great a threat as any moderately experienced Operator. I am preparing to deal with this threat, though I’ll have to enlist the help of D and potentially additional resources.

Operational Assessment #5: Going Native

I made contact with the Puerto Ricans. The night spent observing from a distance combined with the timing paid off. I engaged in conversation with a number of patrons and, by the third night, gang members. The familiarity of the patrons I’d spoken to on the first and second nights combined with social camouflage (clothes, jewelry, restyled hair) bought me conversation with at least one unsuspecting lieutenant. Additional nights spent at their base of operations have allowed me to differentiate at least six organizations that are currently collaborating against the Westies. I also discovered that O had a hand in escalating the violence between the two factions. He has become part of the narrative of the increasingly volatile situation. This is a liability, specifics of his appearance have been relayed in more than one retelling. He lacks the abilities of concealment that so many of his kind possess. If it weren’t for his distinct appearance, he could easily be mistaken for any number of the rambling indigents here. After the better part of a week spent observing and interacting with the Puerto Ricans I identified an ideal asset, considering the constant and unpredictable competition going on between the six organizations. While Hernando is currently the effective alpha in their operation, Ricardo is behaving increasingly like Addullah al-Mohaddeh. A repeat of the Temmiz scenario will destabilize the entire situation. Evalisse is a more stable, controllable asset. She’s already proven useful, and she’s more than willing to cater to my needs. A carefully timed exchange between Kat and I saved the restaurant from being burned to the ground. The Westies were arrested, Kat escaped, and my assets were preserved. The best possible solution. Kat is proving to be a more manageable Operator than I’d initially calculated.

Operational Assessment #4: Deprioritization

The Unit has uncovered a number of important pieces of information regarding the investigation. The doctor’s talent for perceptive touch is proving very useful in the search for information. Previous incidents resulted in the destruction of large amounts of Operators under specific circumstances. In one case, an entire extended family was eradicated. In another, all Operators in London were destroyed. Both of these events happened in a very limited timeframe,the historical records noting a matter of days. Some of this information was acquired from an Operator in a nearby territory, to whom we now owe a favor. Other information was gleaned from the doctor and his connections. I am less concerned about the Unit now that the records indicate that, in all likelihood, the incident has come to a close. I am continuing to seek information but this has become a secondary objective. I will debrief the Regent and maintain a passive watch for additional data. Of greater immediate importance is the increased tensions among the native criminal elements. The Irish and the Puerto Ricans are escalating quickly. I observed the Puerto Ricans for a number of nights, starting with a full night of distance observation. Tomorrow night I start my active observation and initiate contact.

The Reflex

I am born anew and I shall bathe in the blood of those who have transgressed against me. I have freed myself from the doubts and anguish and worry – I shall fulfill my path. I was unfortunately a bit sloppy and I may have to go into hiding for some time.

I feel that I am slipping towards further damnation. My crime is to great for the community to ignore and I may have to run. I do not know if I shall make Vincent my own or ask another but I must do at least one thing of worth with this eternity before I become little better than a hunted animal.

There will be blood and the wicked shall meet their judgement at my hands.

Pulled to Bits

My servant has done well and I shall reward him for his work. I know where the BLASPHEMER lies, and his sins will be the first that I eat.

I believe I edge ever closer to the precipice of this cliff. Seeing and conversing with myself in that hallway over the smoking exploded brains of a frightened old man; I think I might be crazy as the rest of them believe me to be. If I am, then may God help them all.

The old man shot me. Thankkfully that doesn’t matter much these days; he did pay a terrible price for shooting a messenger of Longinius, for even our kind don’t recover well from having no blood and then being shot directly in the skull. The whore, the infidel, and the good doctor all seem to be under some stress as the whore’s pawn decided to become a queen and created a neighborhood that will be harder for all of us to feed in. Additionally, they assaulted some of the local enforcement, which is never good.

I have asked my kinsman for permission to create a damned helper for myself. I sense that very soon I may start on a path from which I cannot return, and I may need someone to carry on my work after me.

Who Killed Mr. Moonlight

Sending people to their deaths to feed this thing once a month seems wrong somehow. Longinius’ only comments about working with those outside our condition really don’t seem to indicate that this relationship is a positive thing. I feel as if I have lost some part of myself here.

We allow this thing for no particularly good reason beyond not understanding or knowing how to bring it down and remove it permanently from our territory. This rankles the Old Man, but the infidel, whore, and hypocrite seem fine with it. I have accepted it because I do not think we can defeat it, and we were given the right to determine the food for this blighted spirit. I feel as if I have sinned nonetheless and must do some penance for this deed.

God is unhappy with my acceptance of this – it detracts me from my course. Tracking the sacriligeous of the Damned and sending them on is my task and it is this I must devote my energy to. The humane parts of myself must be stripped away like layers, and I must become the Angel of Destruction I am meant to be.

Seek and Destroy

Deciding the fate of a faith’s direction in a board meeting where a part of the congregation simply attack and deride each other seems less than Godly and all too human. Yet I was there, played my role, and did what seemed necessary. I do believe that God will certainly approve of our choice as the whole family of hypocrites was removed from power.

What a colossal waste of time and energy. Political bickering resulting in nothing, and a few old vampires lose some face. Whoo hoo. I have things to do, plans to follow. By now, my fellow vassals have noted that I am far more composed than I have been in the past, less forceful in trying to convert others to faith. My path no longer lies that way.

I have been successful in removing a small sin from the world. It was not in the way that I would prefer, but the stain removed nonetheless. The next one I will try for a more personal approach, for the mortals are adequate for picking off a straggler here and there but may not have the means for more robust foes.

I am spiraling in a new way. Contacting food and setting it upon the hunter like a pack of dogs turned against their master. Setting a mortal on the path to damnation, though to be fair he was well on his way without me. I hope that this is truly what the Lord wants and expects from me.

The Virgin smiles at me, no longer talking. I can only hope that she approves of my new helper and the work that I have begun.

The dreams continue to haunt me, to eat at my rest. In them I do not just drink the blood, but eat the flesh of the ones I have set myself against. They are too blasphemous to be coming from God, they must surely be tempting wickedness from the Devil. Perhaps I will need to fast some more, and ask God what he wills.


I am beginning to see things that I believe to be from God, but they could be from Satan, the Strix, or from the confines of an extremely unwell mind, which is the opinion of my fellow vassals. I do not know what to do now, for the Virgin spoke and sent a message, and then I saw some creature that resembled the whore of Babylon more than an angelic messenger, telling me that I had been chosen to cleanse the vampire population of its sinners, much as Longinius was to do for the mortals. I am conflicted as this does not seem like something that God would condone.

Kill the sinners amongst us. That could take years, the rest of eternity. Steve, Damian, the whore, the hypocrite, all those poncy Invictus, the devil worshipping Crone…this is all beyond my abilities at this point. I may need to make a trip to Harlem via the Subway.

Kill them, kill every last sinner among them and eat their souls and sins. I have no hope of redemption, but I may perhaps be able to assuage the sins of others and give them the chance I am denied.

Perhaps they are right, perhaps I am afflicted. I have always felt so different, but this may not be because God has chosen me as his champion, but because some madness has carried with me into my unlife. I know I saw a roomful of people whom I know and trust withihn reason turn into a horde of demons coming for my soul. While I was certainly sympathetic to the desire to clean Damian’s area of the homos, I cannot be party to such wholesale destruction of everyone. I do not think the doctor is the kind I need, but where do the undead find a couch to lie upon?

This belief that I am somehow mad that is clearly gaining strength amongst my ‘friends’ is something I cannot understand. God speaks to my damned soul, and I must carry out his work.

I shall be the Lord’s vengeance upon those who have strayed, given into wickedness and temptation, allowed whores and harlots and charlatans to make their way through this city. I will cleanse them all. Ezekiel 25:17 “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”

I know there's something going on

I have begun my campaign to bring others to the teachings of Longinius and learned to respect those whose faith may differ but are not as godless as those like Stephen. The Baroness knows of God and at least in the brief interactions I have had with her, seems to truly be a devout woman. The salon was an opportunity to put the teachings out there, to let the others know that there is a reason for their damnation. An Invictus salon is not likely to win me any converts, but at least I am there doing what needs done.

Salon was useless and dull, a waste of energy. These sinners know nothing of Longinius and wish to hear even less. They are too busyily caught up in their trappings of wealth and power to truly understand their damnation. They are those who shall remain chained when the end times finally come; food for the owls.

They will all suffer

4H spreads, and those Damned to the south of us, who feed from the homosexual filth, have infected themselves and seek succor. Perhaps the threat of contaminating themselves and an even larger number of people will check their reckless feeding habits, or even inspire them to drive the thrice damned homosexuals from their turf. It seems that even the mighty are not immune, for the Regent has contracted it as well. More alarming is that somone appears to have intentionally infected his herd, and by extension himself, with it in a matter of days. It appears that there will be conflict, but who is the enemy here?

Fucking idiots, feeding from the God damned faggots have given themselves 4H. It seems just retribution from God for their sins. Were it not for the rather sizeable boons that my fellow vassals will gain, I’d say let them rot in the hell they have made. There is an even larger shitting mess now, though. Someone has declared war on the regent of the turf and in the course of days, inflicted his sick fuck herd with 4h, which means he also has it now. He was clean just a few days ago. There is a storm brewing, maybe a war and this appears to be the opening shot. I hope that me and mine can keep our heads down and dodge the fangs.

The Seven appear to have found me and put me on the list for extinction, yet the Hypocrite tells me he could pick up no sign that anyone had been in or near my haven, nor that any doom had been writ upon my walls. I suppose it’s entirely possible that he is one of them, in on the plan, or just a dupe for something like the Owls. I shall be more cautious and relocate myself somewhere safer. It is time to move, for even if he is not in league against me, I will not have one such as him knowing where I dwell.


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