New Wave Requiem

Walking in Your Footsteps

The last few nights have been very revealing. Our ongoing investigation into the fate of our predecessors yields more clues. Something was possessing them. At this point, it could be anything (Kindred, demons, ghosts, etc.) but were I a betting man, I’d wager ghost. I may have already felt its presence while sensing echos at Tatyana’s former haven. I look forward to talking to one of The Family’s experts on the insubstantial departed.

I’ve also found what appears to be a new virus. It seems Katherine and I were carrying it. I’m certain I caught it from a kiss-addict I indulged at the Limelight opening. Kat could have gotten it anywhere. Some of my fellow Vassels have guessed that it could be GRID, but it’s too early to say with any certainty. In any case, I found a way to purge it from Kindred. The process is very unpleasant, but effective. The carrier is restrained and burns off all Vitae. Then the carrier must wait at least 20 minutes before feeding again. Because of the likelihood of frenzy, this should only be attempted with great caution.

I tested this first on myself, and the test was a medical success, though our restraints proved less effective than we would have liked. Kat will be difficult to restrain, and if we aren’t very careful, I fear we may find ourselves chasing her through the streets, or possibly fighting for our unlives. I in particular need to take care to avoid even the faintest hint of unnatural interest in restraining such a pretty and apparently-young girl. I must not linger on the thought of her, bound and frenzied. I must remain clinical and focus on my true aim: to protect the herd.

Dr. Vitale


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