New Wave Requiem

I know there's something going on

I have begun my campaign to bring others to the teachings of Longinius and learned to respect those whose faith may differ but are not as godless as those like Stephen. The Baroness knows of God and at least in the brief interactions I have had with her, seems to truly be a devout woman. The salon was an opportunity to put the teachings out there, to let the others know that there is a reason for their damnation. An Invictus salon is not likely to win me any converts, but at least I am there doing what needs done.

Salon was useless and dull, a waste of energy. These sinners know nothing of Longinius and wish to hear even less. They are too busyily caught up in their trappings of wealth and power to truly understand their damnation. They are those who shall remain chained when the end times finally come; food for the owls.

They will all suffer

4H spreads, and those Damned to the south of us, who feed from the homosexual filth, have infected themselves and seek succor. Perhaps the threat of contaminating themselves and an even larger number of people will check their reckless feeding habits, or even inspire them to drive the thrice damned homosexuals from their turf. It seems that even the mighty are not immune, for the Regent has contracted it as well. More alarming is that somone appears to have intentionally infected his herd, and by extension himself, with it in a matter of days. It appears that there will be conflict, but who is the enemy here?

Fucking idiots, feeding from the God damned faggots have given themselves 4H. It seems just retribution from God for their sins. Were it not for the rather sizeable boons that my fellow vassals will gain, I’d say let them rot in the hell they have made. There is an even larger shitting mess now, though. Someone has declared war on the regent of the turf and in the course of days, inflicted his sick fuck herd with 4h, which means he also has it now. He was clean just a few days ago. There is a storm brewing, maybe a war and this appears to be the opening shot. I hope that me and mine can keep our heads down and dodge the fangs.

The Seven appear to have found me and put me on the list for extinction, yet the Hypocrite tells me he could pick up no sign that anyone had been in or near my haven, nor that any doom had been writ upon my walls. I suppose it’s entirely possible that he is one of them, in on the plan, or just a dupe for something like the Owls. I shall be more cautious and relocate myself somewhere safer. It is time to move, for even if he is not in league against me, I will not have one such as him knowing where I dwell.


shawngaston scottfunke

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