New Wave Requiem

Operational Assessment #6: A Social Disease

Started to leverage the Organization and Family angles. The family has been beneficial, a few pieces of information have found their way to me that could be beneficial in the effort to improve standing in the city. One such piece allowed the Unit to propagate information about cleansing our kind of diseases to protect the civilians. Pursuing the piece of information led us to a Director-level Operator. This Operator was experiencing problems with finding sustenance. In the course of a few nights, the Unit was able to confirm that he had good reason to be concerned. We screened every Operator within the Director’s AoR and identified a number of infections, many serious. Over the course of this operation the Doctor also identified evidence of food tampering on part of an unknown agent. We suspect the agent to be another Operator, one with a vested interest in crippling the capabilities of the Director. There is the potential that this agent is a member of the direct competition of my own Organization. Of potentially related interest, our domain was violated by an especially obese Operator. His method of feeding is conspicuous, vicious and left us with a particularly disturbing mess to clean up. He, or a fellow Operator, also possesses a unique talent that clears an area of all trace, even those that the Doctor could pick up on. I have continued to expand my power with the Ricans and with other elements of the illicit sort.


shawngaston Salem

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