New Wave Requiem

Seek and Destroy

Deciding the fate of a faith’s direction in a board meeting where a part of the congregation simply attack and deride each other seems less than Godly and all too human. Yet I was there, played my role, and did what seemed necessary. I do believe that God will certainly approve of our choice as the whole family of hypocrites was removed from power.

What a colossal waste of time and energy. Political bickering resulting in nothing, and a few old vampires lose some face. Whoo hoo. I have things to do, plans to follow. By now, my fellow vassals have noted that I am far more composed than I have been in the past, less forceful in trying to convert others to faith. My path no longer lies that way.

I have been successful in removing a small sin from the world. It was not in the way that I would prefer, but the stain removed nonetheless. The next one I will try for a more personal approach, for the mortals are adequate for picking off a straggler here and there but may not have the means for more robust foes.

I am spiraling in a new way. Contacting food and setting it upon the hunter like a pack of dogs turned against their master. Setting a mortal on the path to damnation, though to be fair he was well on his way without me. I hope that this is truly what the Lord wants and expects from me.

The Virgin smiles at me, no longer talking. I can only hope that she approves of my new helper and the work that I have begun.

The dreams continue to haunt me, to eat at my rest. In them I do not just drink the blood, but eat the flesh of the ones I have set myself against. They are too blasphemous to be coming from God, they must surely be tempting wickedness from the Devil. Perhaps I will need to fast some more, and ask God what he wills.


shawngaston scottfunke

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