New Wave Requiem

Shake the disease

Katherine Wick

The gutters will run red soon and the worms down below will gorge themselves with the run off. Someone has shit right on a regent’s plate and he’s sworn murder on whoever has done it. Within a days time someone or something has infected Dorian Masters’ entire herd with the 4H virus. This smells like the first volley of an all out war from the looks of it. The other vassals and I think this may be the work of a Carthian cell bent on destabilizing the Invictus by cutting off their food supply. Whatever it is, its not right and I hope the fuckers get the stake for it. We’ve worked out a deal to purge the virus from Masters and his subordinates but if this is spreading by someone’s forceful hand then none of us should consider ourselves safe.

More weird shit is afoot; a recent body dump has risen questions about some of the local scum working in the Kitchen. A young girl, early twenties, drained of all bodily fluids by a certain Mr. G who runs a local gambling den frequented by the westies. Our decree which forbid other kindred to hunt within our domain means that corpulent asshole and I have some words to share. Too bad the next gambling night is in a month and we’ve got no leads on where he moves to on the off nights when Hell’s Kitchen is not on his list. I’ve never seen a vampire feed like this, since when do we need more than just blood? Even the acolyte witch doesn’t seem to have any answers, all she was able to dig up was that this has been happening for at least three years now.


shawngaston victim8u

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