New Wave Requiem

Games People Play

Apparently Dorian doesn’t know much about the Family. But after tonight, maybe I don’t either.

At the most formal “informal meeting” I’ve ever attended, Dorian presumed to enlist my support in taking Vincenzo’s domain for himself. He’d previously told me he was planning on moving from Lower Manhattan, handing his Regency to me. That’s a lot of power for someone of my age and status, and very tempting. But I won’t be party to attacks on fellow Sangiovanni, even with the Regency of Lower Manhattan dangled before me. I tried to play my hand as well as possible, attempting to deflect Dorian’s incursion away from Family domain, while dealing as little damage to my relationship with Dorian as possible.

I’m pleased that I was able to have a voice in the meeting, and that I’ve so far managed to help repel this attack on the Family’s holdings. This is exactly why I thought we should have someone in the Invictus, and it leads me to think we should move toward keeping a foot in each of the Covenants’ doors.

The Family sticks together. This is what we do. You attack one of us and you face all of us, right? Well, apparently that’s not how Monica sees it. At a Lance meeting across town, she cast her lot in with the non-family coup against Vincenzo, which cost him his bishop’s hat. Thanks in part to Monica, we no longer control the Lance. Add let’s not forget that she seems to have freed the Lance-traitor, Pope. She’s fast on her way to finding herself staked in a Venice-bound shipping crate. Depending on how we decide to deal with Monica, we might just have an open Regency for Dorian after all.

Dr. Vitale


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