New Wave Requiem

Is There Something I Should Know

I’m pleased to report that my 4H test and removal procedure is catching on among the Damned. The Regent over the neighborhoods with the highest-risk Kine has enlisted my services to test him, his herd, and all of his Vassals. This is a great step toward mitigating the danger of what could very well grow into a horrid plague of biblical proportions. While the virus itself is harmless to us, our Kiss serves as one of its unknown number of vectors, and its mortality rate in humans approaches 100%. Most victims die within six months. I have no evidence to support this theory, by my instinct suggests we may eventually find a supernatural origin for this disease, especially given that it tends to target victims of low moral fiber.

As an added bonus, having just used Cattiveria on every known Damned in Dorian’s Regency, I now also know their real names and embrace dates. It tickles me how pretentious some of us are. Dorian Masters, really? Who’d be haughty enough to call himself that? Ryan Dobbs, as it turns out. The one that really gets under my skin is “Rabies”. Gag me! I guess “Tony McGowan” just didn’t sound hard-core enough for him. Maybe I should make up some super excellent comic book name for myself, like Dr. Swiftblade. Ha!

But it does occur to me as I gather all of this personal information, that I need to be more careful about with whom I share these tidbits. If the other Vassals know what information Cattiveria is telling me about them when I do my “4H test”, they might feel threatened by what I’ve learned about them. Eventually, I’ll be able to disappear and read people’s minds. I’ll know Haven locations, what people do when they think they’re alone, and any other skeletons they’ve got stuffed away. We Shadows can’t help but know a lot of dangerous information. And I need to think more about which of my own secrets I’m casually handing out. I joke about changing my name, but now that I think of it, there is a certain value in not using the name of a guy who looks exactly like me, who recently died in prison. Especially when he’s survived by a mortal mother, ex-wife, daughter, and son. At least the wife and kids are now using mom’s maiden name, so that helps a little. Oh well; too late now. Maybe if I take an extended nap or relocate.

Dr. Vitale


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